We are all hypocrites (Battling against Corona Virus)

Also, wash your hands regularly.

You’d say, “I want to meet new people”, but would never expand your social circle.

You’d say, “I care about the environment”, but the only plant we are saving is Weed.

You’d say, “I love art”, but would pass by the graffitis without even noticing them.

You’d say, “The government is not good enough”, but would never do anything about it.

You’d say, “I can’t find love”, but would only go on Tinder.

You’d say, “Global warming needs to be reduced”, but would drink from plastic bottles.

You’d say, “I don’t have money”, but is living that YOLO lifestyle.

You’d say, “Poor need to be helped”, but would never join an NGO.

You’d say, “women are being exploited”, but shamelessly look at the leaked images.

You’d say, “I love fiction”, but would never read a novel.

Just like how often you’d say, “I wish no one dies due to CORONA”,

but still, roam around like everything is fine.





Carpe Diem

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Bhrt Sharma

Bhrt Sharma

Carpe Diem

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